Bag Gallery

A parade of shopping bags that express corporate style, personal style, absolute functionality, attitude, or none of the above. Just have fun with it.

On my last trip to Hawai’i, I picked up this shopping bag from Foodland. The cashier (a guy) was so excited to show me this one and was fully confident that I would like it.  He was right: for $1.50, I have a very sturdy bag with a flexible but sturdy plastic insert for the bottom of the bag. I’ve used it as a grocery bag, beach bag, tote bag, work bag (transporting files to and from the office).  What I love the most are the typical local sayings that I grew up with living on O’ahu.  Bonus:  my sister, who isn’t bag-crazy like I am, ended up getting one, too.  No buyer’s remorse either.

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